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claire levy - diabetes research & wellness foundation

Supporting a charity features highly for many businesses, but it can be difficult for the SME to achieve the sort of commitment a larger corporate organisation can offer. Conversely it is difficult for many smaller charities to pick up corporate support because they don’t have the staff to manage the relationship and/or the national reach or visibility.

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF) is looking for corporate relationships as it is an important part of the fundraising/volunteering mix and we were delighted to receive the support of Business Builders as the charity of the group in 2012. This has grown and developed over the years into a mutually beneficial relationship.

The charity support has resulted in a number of fundraising events over the last four years, some of these were Business Builders events and some have been through individual members linking the charity to their own business or personal events. These include:

“88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.” – Better Business Journey, UK Small Business Consortium
  • Three Charity Golf Days
  • Music and entertainment evening at Grosvenor Casino
  • Gin Festival
  • 50th Birthday Party
  • Pamper Day

This has resulted in over £2500 being raised for DRWF.

Networking for both businesses and the charity is a long term commitment, to get the best out of the opportunity DRWF has committed to attending as many of the meetings as possible. This allows us to educate the members about diabetes, the education events we run, the research we fund and fundraising events such as places in many local and national sporting activities as well as opportunities for personal challenges.

Networking is also about getting to know each other and doing ‘Business’ with people we know like and trust. Members of the group get a chance to really get to know the charity, we have 11 members of staff and are a friendly and approachable office based at Northney Marina on Hayling Island. DRWF has become fully integrated into BB and is often the charity of choice for personal and business fundraising. Plus we have BB members taking on skydiving, dragon boat racing as well as London 10K running.

Diabetes statistics are frightening with nearly 3million people diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 in the UK. It’s a long term chronic condition that can have really devastating effects over many years, for example There are over 7,000 diabetes-related amputations (leg, foot or toe) every year in England. Foot ulcers and amputations cost £1 in every £150 spent in NHS.

As a long term chronic condition DRWF isn’t always the type of charity that receives business/corporate support, it isn’t as appealing or immediate as others and we are all competing for recognition and support. For this reason the link with Business Builders has proved to be a unique relationship, one which we hope will continue.

Claire Levy
Community Fundraiser

DRWF Website: Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

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