Starting a business is both exciting and nerve racking at the same time, you come across questions which need answering and you may not know where to go to or who to speak to. When I discovered I needed more space for the demands the industry put upon me, I moved into my office. The landlady is a regular BB attendee and invited me along. I was welcomed and supported the minute I walked through the door. 3 months on, I look forward to meeting the people I have got to know and speak to weekly outside of Business Builders too. Malcolm and the group have really helped me, given me confidence and I have made contacts in which I never knew I would need. We all use each others services and recommend each other at the meetings- another thing I love about BB. Whether you're a first time networker or a dab hand, Business Builders suits everyone. Rachel Morley, Owner, Initial Medical Training and Events Ltd

Whether you’re a first time networker or a dab hand, Business Builders suits everyone
Rachel Morley

I have done some networking over the years and to be honest I found them quite annoying in the respect that it seemed that everyone was thrusting a business card at me and talking about themselves!
I only joined Business Builders in January this year and I have to say I am very impressed.  The group is very refreshing.  Everyone is welcoming and encouraging to new members.  Business Builder attendees are a friendly happy bunch who I consider friends rather than business associates.   It is a pleasurable meeting with a speaker and of course a lovely breakfast.  I can highly recommend them. Deborah Baxter, Owner, The Spirit Within Hypnotherapy

The group is very refreshing. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging to new members.
Deborah Baxter, Owner, The Spirit Within

Breakfast, fun and business done … what more do you want from a network meeting? Dianne Lambdin, Sussex HR Hub

Breakfast, fun and business done…..
Dianne Lambdin, Owner

BUSINESS BUILDERS - Thank you for such a superb networking group.
Always a full room of around 40 people, no membership fees or pressure to pass referrals but still lots of business generated.
A fabulous and supportive group that is great fun too!
A big thank you to Malcolm and Nigel for all the hard work that they put into making this group such a success.

A fabulous and supportive group that is great fun too!
Jane Rudd, Owner, Bizzy Bodyz

As a single Dad I found it really difficult to get to breakfast networks. Now my daughter is a bit older, I am able to get away, so which was the first one to try. I knew Nigel...a real top-bloke and met Malcolm through him...another great fella...so I found my way to BB Fareham-Solent. So glad I did. I have been to many networking events over the years. They tend to become limiting after a while, some charge exorbitantly, but I have never found such a dynamic, fun and widely supported group. Incredible job, until you get to know the hosts and realise, of course the group will grow and sustain, who wouldn't want to be hosted by these two? Great hosts, great crowd, great variety, great breakfast...bestest ever! Terry Murphy, Grasshoppers don't walk

Great hosts, great crowd, great variety, great breakfast… bestest ever!
Terry Murphy, Grasshoppers don't walk

I wholeheartedly recommend Business Builders Fareham Solent. Over the last two years, I have gained many benefits including education, tips, friends, support and multiple referrals that have lead to SIGNIFICANT NEW BUSINESS. As a trainer and copywriter, I have found the Business Builders Fareham to be the most generous and supportive business network I have ever been involved with. I cannot recommend this group highly enough! It's supportive, friendly and great fun! Thanks to Malcolm Archibald and Nigel Prior for all the effort they put in to ensure that Business Builders Fareham continues to provide a valuable meeting place for local entrepreneurs. Gavin Meikle, The Web Copy Doctor

I wholeheartedly recommend Business Builders Fareham Solent.
Gavin Meikle, The Web Copy Doctor

“You can always be assured (pun intended!) of a warm welcome from Malcolm and a fun, lively and productive meeting.” Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert.

…a fun, lively and productive meeting
Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert

I have been attending Business Builders for over 6 months now and thoroughly enjoy the dynamics of the group.  There are a wide spectrum of business owners who attend and building relationships with individuals has been a real pleasure. There are many services that are particularly useful to those who are self employed, all who are easily contactable through the website or the LinkedIn group. The meetings are very relaxed and the humour is buoyant every week which makes it a networking group that I particularly look forward to attending. The group connects on a social level as well as on a business level with referrals and business being passed around. Many friendships have been formed as a result of attending the meetings.  The group is very supportive and the hosts Malcolm and Nigel are very welcoming and entertaining.  I would highly recommend attendance to BB for a great start to every other Thursday, with the added bonus of having informative and motivational speakers. Tasha Ault Alternative Pain Relief.

The meetings are very relaxed and the humour is buoyant…
Tasha Ault, Owner, Alternative Pain Relief

Business Builders is like an open family! They welcome you with open arms and look after you through thick and thin. I've been regularly going for around 2 years and I've met some fantastic people, some who are integral to my business now; Catherine is our super bookkeeper, Helen sorts out our insurance and the list goes on. Malcolm and Nigel are one of a kind and bring a new approach to business networking. I don't go as often as I should now, but I make sure I'm there once a month to check in. It's not my fault! I blame BB Fareham-Solent for my continued success and I can't thank them enough. Thank you!  Andy McGhee MD Pinnacle Performance & Training Ltd 

Business Builders is like an open family!
Andy McGhee MD Pinnacle Performance & Training Ltd

As a relatively new local business I tried a number of local networking groups and was disheartened by the focus on immediate referral to other group members irrespective of the nature of the relationship. I decided, without expectation, to visit Business Builders as one last resort. I was more than pleasantly surprised. A vibrant and eclectic group with an approach based on longer term relationships led by the urbane Malcolm Archibald. I thoroughly enjoy attending the meetings and actually look forward to the early start every other Thursday! I wholeheartedly recommend Business Builders Fareham to any local business; no pressure, no membership fees, no hard sell by others in the room but the opportunity to network for the long term. Perfect. John James, MD, Home Instead Senior Care

I wholeheartedly recommend Business Builders Fareham to any local business
John James, Managing Director, Home Instead Senior Care

I had dropped out of networking for a while but bumped into Nigel Prior at a business conference and he invited me along to Business Builders (Fareham-Solent). As it was in my travel range (approx. 2 miles!), I went along and have been going ever since. Nigel runs the group alongside Malcolm Archibald and both are excellent hosts. Everyone is made to feel welcome and the meeting runs smoothly. Occasionally, it even finishes on time! ;-) It's great that there is no monthly commitment, no forced referral system and a chance for members to present should they wish. The group is lively, has fun but also does business. A really nice balance. Adrian Bold, Bold Internet

The group is lively, has fun but also does business.
Adrian Bold, Bold Internet

Thank you to Business Builders Fareham Solent who adopted Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation as their chosen charity in 2013. It has proved a very successful partnership and the group headed by Malcolm and Nigel have been superb supporters of our fundraising. The Golf Day in 2014 was a huge success and we are looking forward to more events in 2015. It is an excellent way for SME’s to increase their CSR by supporting a charity through the group and we have managed to raise the awareness of diabetes especially Type 2 as many members have heard the health messages and have made lifestyle changes accordingly.   Claire Levy DRWF

Business Builders are superb supporters of our fundraising
Claire Levy, Community Fundraiser, DRWF

As a new member to the BB network, I am delighted to have found such a friendly group of professionals who are genuinely interested in promoting one another's businesses. The group is well rounded with many different business offerings present and there is an opportunity to speak for 60 seconds to introduce yourself, your company or a helpful tip to the rest of the attending members. It is also helpful that BB have a LinkedIn group so that discussions and thought sharing can take place, furthering the networking opportunities. A genuine networking group that I am so pleased to have been introduced to.   Karen Murray www.oak-consulting.co.uk

a genuine networking group
Karen Murray, Oak Consulting

Network groups are not as good as the organiser (although with Malcolm we have the best of those too) they are as good as the people in the room.  I challenge anyone to find a more dynamic, more inspirational or more entertaining group of business people.
This all naturally leads to business being done.  I have more customers, more sales, more suppliers and more partners from this group than all other groups I have ever attended put together - and I am an EX BNI member!
Its the place to be to do business. Kieren Williamson, ASSITS

Business builders is just like other network events…. but MUCH BETTER!!
Kieren Williamson, Director, A Smart Simple IT Solution (ASSITS)

I really look forward to attending the Business Builders (Fareham Solent) networking group every two weeks at the Holiday Inn in Fareham.   If you are a local business person and do any networking, you will know that there are many networking events occurring regularly in the area but quite a few of these seem to struggle these days with numbers, perhaps because there are so many. Not a problem it seems for Business Builders and our always enthusiastic and entertaining chairperson Malcolm Archibald with typically more than 40 local business people attending.   Since I joined more than 2 years ago, it has gone from strength to strength and it has become very popular with numbers constantly growing. We have a core of regular “members” (although there is actually no formal membership or annual fee – perhaps one of the attractions) as well as a fairly constant flow of new attendees and visitors.   If you are a local business person and haven’t been along to one of our meetings yet, I can highly recommend it.   You can read my blog post about this and see the short video of the group on my blog if you wish. Steve Wood, Scalar Enterprises

Business Builders networking group just gets better and better
Steve Wood, Scalar Enterprises